Boni Global was founded in 2011 as a resident at Istanbul Technical University, with a strong ambition to improve indoor wayfinding and accessibility solutions for people who need more assistance and independence allowing them to easily navigate inside complex buildings. The core foundation of Boni Global is based on social responsibility, inclusivity, and technological advancement in our society.

Today our team has grown together and is composed of international experienced collaborators who share the same core motivations that founded the company. After a decade, the freshly graduated students became seniors who in their part are also allowing other students and young motivated members to explore their full potential with continuous Research and Development of new innovative smart solutions that fit and revolutionize the industry.

Our Vision

Helping people!
By building engagement! We aim to innovate in different key areas of indoor and accessibility solutions by exploring different usage scenarios, analyzing pain points, understanding peoples’ needs, and therefore continuously provide better solutions.

Our Mission

We do good work with good people
. Through trusting partnerships, we build and distribute powerful solutions that aim to create engagement between people and their properties, by making those properties smarter and interactive.

Our Values

- Do Good Work
- Value our clients and partners
- Be good and helpful to each other
- Experiment often
- Care about others

  • Be part of a passionate and driven team where everyone's ideas are valued: a team starts every day with the courage to experimen

  • A part of a human company that focus on the well-being of its employees as they are all treated as family

  • Access to various learning & development opportunities: regular participation in

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